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[i’m removing this line]

[this line I wrote when I was angry]

[i’m less angry now]

                                    [this line should go over here]

            [or is it here]

                                    [i’m sleepy now]

[or is it drunk]

                                    [this line should’ve been composted]

            [this one paper recycled]

                       [this one i can’t look at any more. someone else has custody]

[this line is dedicated to the most beautiful person reading it]

                        [if and only if they take a sip of water]

                                                [this line is to someone sinning]

[or is it singing]

                                    [this line is blue or green or da ba dee dah ba di]

[this line is a circle]

                                    [does the math work out for that]

            [this line hasn’t taken math since high school]

                                                                        [this line is in mensa]

            [this line doesn’t believe in intellect]

[this line doesn’t believe in school in a strict sense]

                                                            [this line is strictly sense]

            [as in sensing]

                                                [this line is sixth]

                        [this line pleads the fifth]

                                                            [this line abolished prisons]

            [this line is in a prison of its own mind]

[this line has esp]

                                    [this line is a sonnet]

                        [this line contains multitudes]

                                                                        [this line contains]

            [this line constrains]

                                                [this line is potty trained]

 [this line would like to know a deep dark secret about you]

                                    [this line is a secret and I can’t tell you]

                        [this line is gone]

                                                            [this line should be over here]

            [this line should be over here]

                                                                                    [this line, oh, this line]

[this line is lined with fur]

                                                [this line is for you]

                                                                                    [this line is taking

a little break]


                        [this line is the end]

                                                                        [or is it this one]