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When I descend onto the city from my apartment,
what does my hair say?

Please, check boxes for the following:

  • Poetic ambitions
  • Just dumped, or has been dumped
  • Cupboards brimming with vintage teacups
  • Lives to decoupage

The truth comes surging, whacks my forehead. I’m left without words,
except that according to HuffPost, it’s a decision most will consider.
Bangs: a low-risk option for changing an otherwise unremarkable
haircut. Allow me to shift a paradigm for you. Baby bangs are still in!
So why do I pay the price for being in fashion? I am so tired. Type bangs
into Google. Who wrote these one hundred ninety four million articles?
What brave investigator has taken on the philosophical question:
Should you get bangs? I’d like to meet them, let them have it—
Yes. I may write poetry. I’ve been dumped, but not since having
a visible forehead. I have two vintage teacups, which I melted down,
crafted into scented candles. I have never decoupaged,
though I’m curious.