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the only reason i know she’s evil is because when her skin sloughs off, it smells bad

unfortunately we’ve been selected as corporate plants          i wonder why i’m lumped in with her

but i guess we’ve both been remembering that we might have been abducted by beings     and that they might have opened us up, sowed seeds into our arms

which is probably why she’s digging around in there

i tell her: don’t show me your wet goo and bloated bone                i’m exhausted

someone derailed our commute, got mangled in the tracks                     now we’re both gonna be late for the ole dog and pony show          

the only question i ever have is why?            no one’s answered yet

come to think of it, i think i was awake during the operation           

while everyone else slept        well, not evil one, it’s why she’s always writhing on the ground

we’re sisters in that way, in the way we were both awake

send that upstairs! surgery sisters!       they didn’t even know what they had when they selected us

look, now i’m talking in units:           us        we       our NDA doesn’t cover this

they’re sending us into the void                    

evil one won’t handle it well     since she lost two fingers clawing through the dirt

i follow her with a rag as she drips across a marble lobby     and tell her: stop screaming!

to be honest, i get it    if they forgot to patch me back up, i’d be causing a scene too

so we scream into the elevator, up to the top floor   

where top guys in suits tell us what’s what

and they prepare our fleshy, screeching return to the place we’ve barely forgotten