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That'd be swell.
That'd be the cat's pajamas
The dog's ukulele
The fish's daydream about Erin Gray
The peach's new hi-def television set
The banana's favorite memorized poem
(which is probably “Bridge Over Troubled Water” because it lacks imagination and never got past its sophomore-year lesson that focused only on lyrics as poetry and never got to poetry as poetry the banana made a very nice poster about the song, though, which still hangs on the upstairs hallway wall, now yellowed around the edges)
The tree's 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
The soil’s lasting memory of a white man razing its trees, planting wheat & whatnot, then selling it off to whoever built this house with the frail clay pipes under the yard leading to the sewer feed now all plugged with new roots & dirt from revenge or time or does it matter which
The cow's hum & the horse’s groan
The candle's dream of playing funk bass
The beer mug's longing for adventure
(like, maybe root a potato in me sometime or
something at least, eh, hoss?)
The tape measure's Riverside Shakespeare
The tomato’s tchotchke
The worn sock’s wistful memory of that warm afternoon in college when winter finally turned to sun and slight breeze and sundresses and light knees and laughing songs and a sprite’s sneeze and sundown, oh that slow slow sundown
The robin’s drawings & the rabbit’s still life
The cloud’s go-to ballcap
The boulder's newspaper
The fascist’s bathrobe
The American’s dream
Or just the cat's pajamas.
It could be any one of them,
what do I know.