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⁠from Latin vulnus, vulneris (n.): wound, injury

  1. sending a text
    1. seeing the read receipt
    2. waiting for a reply
  2. finding a partner for a class discussion
  3. hitting the bus stop button
    1. when i am the only one getting off
    2. for people to know where i am going
  4. the second before the sea hits my toes
  5. waiting for the waitress to notice i am ready to order
  6. telling new friends
    1. what bands i like
    2. my favorite ______
  7. shazaming a song (angling my phone screen down)
  8. walking into a salon after half a year’s neglect
  9. wearing obviously brand new shoes
  10. sporting an obviously brand new haircut
  11. finishing a speech
    1. asking for any questions (none)
    2. thanking everyone for their time
    3. waiting for the applause to begin
    4. waiting for the applause to finish
  12. taking a long time
    1. tying my shoes
    2. taking off my shoes
  13. opening my texts repeatedly
    1. seeing the empty space under