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after Kim Addonizio

I see your friend requests, you good, honest men I
can just tell you’re good with kids and believe in God you
also care about humanity because you’re in scrubs or
maybe you’re a pilot either of which means you’re rich we
could be good together and we could go to the place where
there are no dishes to do and no dirty floors or sheets to change no
taxes to file because it will all be free and easy not one thing
to cry about in the middle of the night in a rented bed costs
will not be a question I will live in a dark room for you
if you want and you can take pictures of a real woman who has lived
in panic about bounced checks cheap haircuts scrounging for change
in the borrowed couch and you can watch as her face falls into grace
when she sees she has every thing she has ever craved even God and all
you had to do was ask to keep her in a room by the sea / I say fucking yes.