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January 24, 2021

Yummy Japan

Jon Berger

There is this place at the Saginaw mall called
Yummy Japan
It’s been here long before I was born
And will be here long after the world ends.

You only get teriyaki chicken and fried rice
in a styrofoam container

I once saw a lady try to order no rice
She got rice

I’d just quit my job
gave my boss the finger
told him to eat shit and die
after working 3 weeks

I didn’t know how
to tell the people who helped me get the job
I quit
so I went to yummy japan

The old smiling cook working the grill
a kaleidoscope of meat

There was a guy standing in line ahead of me.
With the biggest phone I’ve ever seen
Strapped to his camo jacket
playing the movie brave heart

I watched brave heart

He got yummy japan
I got mine
The cook gave me extra teriyaki sauce
for no reason


The styrofoam container felt warm
The extra sauce leaked onto my hand
a trail dripping through the mall as I left
The shitty parking lot flooded ankle deep by the time I got to my car.
My car started filling up with teriyaki sauce and I thought I was going to drown.
My car windows shattered and teriyaki sauce blasted out
covering everything

I’m going to write this in the Bible
Get crucified
Sauce it up

Stay yummy