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Poem for People Who Don’t Like Poems

So, I wrote this poem for your acceptance.
Someone told me I shouldn’t admit that.
Someone also once told me not to use the word poem in a poem.
Well, poem, poem, poem.
I’m going to use this poem to break the stupid rules.
I’m also going to write plainly so everyone can see it.
This is a poem.
My dad says he’s a simple man and doesn’t understand poems.
I’m going to write so he can understand this poem.
He likes plain talk.
He probably still won’t like this poem.
And likely neither will you.
But I’m still going to write it.
And if you’re the only person who likes this poem, I’ve made a big difference.

This is a poem, and I hope it’s no longer for you.


Poem for People Who Are Tired

Today was a long day and I’m tired.
I’m just trying to write a poem after working 18 hours.
During a pandemic.
And after a night of little sleep.
Someone once told me not to mention being tired—
especially not at work.
I guess it makes us look lazy or unmotivated
or unprofessional. I don’t know.
I think it’s human to be tired.
How can we not be tired in 2021?
2020 barely started and never ended.
I’m just here to tell the truth.
Isn’t that what poets are supposed to do?
Are you as tired as I am?
I’m tired of pretending not to be tired.
And of people not telling the truth.