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April 29, 2022

3 Poems

Jodi Bosin

i wanna be the very best

when an egg fries it sounds just like rain
the house is filled with flies i thought that was
a summer plague at least give us something
you know what i'm saying... my recent emojis
include rose, ghost, alien, and cherries
down the block a blow up santa sways, strange
at night they light it up some kind of green
winter is not only cold but super creepy
i hack at ice on my car so it splits into sheets
and push it off with my arms, wet and heavy
instagram says that two years ago today
i shared a drawing of the pokémon mew on my story
i can choose to post this again along with
auto-generated text that says “MEMORIES!”


you are waiting for a train

the existential dread of staring at yourself on screen
how do we do it how do we find so many new ways
to be lonely
psalm 23 – prepare a table in the presence of my enemies
at the store there is an apple called cosmic crisp
i will buy something just because i like the name of it
i will press on skin to make sure there are hard edges
i will once again look up the plot of inception
the library books quarantine too which i think is kind of cute
but it feels so sad that they're in the dark like that
this kind of empathy is probably pathologic


it’s just soap 🧼🌹!!!

there's a video that
britney spears posted on instagram
where she crushes a flower in her hand
and says see, it's just soap
i cannot stop thinking about this video
the water in the tub makes a pink
sort of sludge that covers her fingers
you can hear a loud squishing
when she brings it close to the camera
piece of bubblegum flesh
her voice is sugary and distant
it's easy to read too much into it...
watch, she says, it's just soap that's all it is
it's not really a flower at all

the bubbles of the bath are very small
and the water is murky
like she has been in there
too long