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  1. vete a la chingada
    go to hell1
  2. no me chingues
    you’re kidding me, right?2
  3. una chingadera
    worthless piece of junk3
  4. soy el más chingón
    I am the baddest of asses4

1 chingar is the soft tendon
            between the tongue
            and the duende

2 chingar is not the “f-word”
            it’s the foreword to a horror movie
            that says “inspired by real events”

3 chingar is ballistic gelatin
            ​​​​​​​full of bullets
​​​​​​​            yet mouth-watering

4 chingar is the placid emptiness
​​​​​​​            after finishing
​​​​​​​            and wiping the ink away






United States Senate votes on scrolling ban to stop China from scrolling in on us

Brazilian booty-shorts man pops and locks a quadradinho in my face


Play “Save the King,” smooth-smooth graphics

Glass bottles shatter rolling down stairs

Influencer canceled for cat fetish

Bombs slides out of a plane

On to sleeping families

Trade Crypt-o Coin,

dead people money

Finger aching

Black glass







We have forsaken every domain, from the highest reaches of the floating cloud fortresses to the deepest abyssal trenches where no light dare penetrate. We trashed the fuck out of the place. If I were to go for a leisurely swim off the coast of Massachusetts, not only would I lose all of my limbs in a long-drawn-out fight against eleven warring nations of flesh-lacerant amoeboids, I would grow a pseudo-uterus and spawn the world’s first human-born Factory. I can’t love the child, I barely have any money after all of the limb removal surgeries and he looks just like the Industrial Revolution, his deadbeat father.


I mourn when the worst thing
in my salmon was its own poop
and mercury