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My little sister got the keyboard for Christmas, the one where you can hit DEMO and a woodblock counts to four (maybe eight) and starts to play the Titanic theme. The idea is for it to teach you the moves, so it illuminates a little ghost dance across the keys on a small display screen, showing you in real time how the flute notes are supposed to play out like Celine Dion’s vocals.

We didn’t really know much about the Titanic, only that it took two VHS tapes to hold the whole  story and our older brother would venture back to bed at night (having needed water) with stories of how our parents let him watch a few scenes—too scary for us, obviously, but maybe if we talked to them, they’d show us this one scene with a snake-charmer playing that song from the keyboard on his flute.


Twenty years later—long after we’ve watched both tapes and Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s called out James Cameron for only recreating half the night sky and then doubling it over the split-up cruise ship—my two kids burst into my parents' room where my sister’s keyboard sits in the corner. Hitting DEMO, they start to slap the keys. Sounds like a Tom Waits deep cut. And they don’t give a damn about the ghost dance. They already know the moves.