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The rabbit is dreaming.

He checks the agenda: Lollipop—large, thick, multicolored. Lollipop or carrot or cigar. Not just a lollipop or carrot or cigar. Dangling the lollipop or carrot or cigar out in the open. Careless. The pert muscled chapel of his posterior. Little seventies running shorts. Anvil. Lopsided lollipop. Or carrot or cigar. Wipes drool from his face. Carrot lollipop. Cigar Carrot. Lollipop cigar.        Not that fucking dark and different. Cleverly painted wall. Oh, hey, a friend. A gentle gathering. Stir the wave, start the want.         Wave at it gently. There is a place where he will be himself again.

He hops into a hopping position. Cries like a baby. Mr. Rabbit Sir, only you can save me.

The rabbit is awake. He is, he thinks, a hell of a kid.



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