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They tell me my moon is so Sagittarius, they can just tell


                                                I don’t know what that means, I say


            They sigh       


How can I know so much about Elizabeth Bennet

            without considering her chart


                                                Do we know when Elizabeth Bennet was born?


No but obviously she’s such a Taurus

With a Libra moon

Aries rising

Yeah exactly


            Last 15 min of class    Fourth quarter    Seniors                    


                                                OK    how can you tell about my moon


They say I have warm energy

I draw people in


            One student looks into her computer like it’s a crystal ball


She has my whole chart here


            Totally unselfconscious         

            Totally upright in her chair

            Totally unlike me at her age


She reads me only good things           only what she says applies


                        inspirational    storyteller    humble


                                                I thought Leos were supposed to be brash


Surprisingly humble, she amends


            Obviously I don’t know their signs                only that I love them

                                     and they’re leaving                spinning out of my orbit        


                                                            It’s like this every year