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action is an essential element of the 21st century morality tale

& if we take the end of the film as an indication of the morals by which we are meant to live, the gaslighter always gets the girl[1]


the cardinal sin is injection

the cardinal sin is body modification


& if we define cardinal as “that which defines all else,”

the application of topical gels is a venial sin; the application of tattoos, a lesser cardinal sin


& if transvestite means “one who dresses in the clothes of another sex,”

what is the word which defines “a man who clothes himself in another kind of being”[2]


its a question of precognition vs ai –

in certain lights tobey maguire looks a lot like andrew garfield


we must be saved from our own bodies[3]

we used to be a real country[4]


[1] governors office

[2] to become an ophanim is the most indecent of transitions

[3] we used to be a real country

[4] we used to be a real country