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May 14, 2024

The Camera Cuts

Erin See

To me, or no, not me really, the beautiful girl next to me. The type the world loves to see. I am, however, in frame, bright red marinara sauce coated noodles dangling from my greedy mouth. No, it's not pretty.

“Yes sir, it was broadcasted for the whole country to see.”

Sensationalized overnight for a world that loves to stare at their screens and make remarks about the people they see. “Fat,” “Ugly,” “Slovenly.” Ah, how the list goes on. Death by a thousand cuts and all that. The limelight fades, but there's still a glow. I get a new job.

“Yes, my dear, a real face for radio.”

My ratings soar, my weight drops. A nose job, a little Botox.

“Why are they wasting you on the radio?”

 Moving up in the world, center stage, a job on your T.V.

“Lights, Camera, Action.”

The camera cuts to me, now the type of girl the world loves to see. But it’s the fat bitch next to me that gets all the attention.