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as more turkey-like is a resurrection 
or rebranding or recognition of a glow up.  
and who am i to hate on another dying vertebrate 
lying on their dating profile?

if Spielberg says you’re a chad now you say ok great.  
curl your clawed bicep.  spit poison upwards of 6 meters.  
the best part about being a poet is also getting to be a liar.  

i have never known the poet not to be thick skinned.  
foul mouthed and reptilian.   bipedal, sickle-shaped.  
when we one day realize we’re smaller than the world sees us, 
it’s in the relative sense.  less metaphor and more defense mechanism.   
a kaleidoscope in the world of megafauna. 

in september 2007, researchers discover quill knobs 
on the forearm of a specimen in mongolia, speak something 
of feathers.  all the jurassic park boys lose interest.  
stegosaurus their good intentions.

but have we not remembered the possibility of flight?  
the miracle of humble beginnings.   the left behind.  
the looking up towards an angry sky.  
every doom is impending based on how we define the timeline.  
how we unearth the bones and recessed color.  all at once, 
a poetry of magnitude.