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February 27, 2024

12 poems

md wheatley

Suspending in proximity to Kobe

As he holds his daughter

Trying to save her




Screaming in unknown faces

Because “music”

Then drinking hot tea to soothe my throat




Watching the world fall apart

On my iPhone

While reading Ishmael in my front yard




Riding my bike

To the beach

To say what’s up to the sun




Missing Paris

Because this time last year

We were able to fly




Leaving my old bubble

For a new one

In hopes to make it mine




Cramming old friends

In my new apartment

To find new spots for old furniture




Creating new scars

On top of old scars

Only to watch a moose shit in an alpine lake




Thinking about

That Gonz line of poetry,

If there is a God, he’s gonna get it




Dipping cotton candy clouds

Into the ocean

Like I’m God




Learning to be a teacher

While teaching that

Teacher is not spelled tegr




Drinking 3 double espressos

In 3 hours

Then taking a 3 month break from my iPhone