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A cowboy at the end of the world needs an indian

Like how ghosts need an Indian Burial Ground

Like how lillies need a funeral


A cowboy at the end of world isn't lonely

He's prepared all his life for the desert to keep him


He's there, at the edge of a mesa,

looking down at the brown expanse

and he wonders, where's my brown man—

has he melted into the red clay—

will I find his bones, only his bones,

and wear them

as a keepsake?


And when the indian’s skin

becomes the desert—when the coyotes eat

what's left of him—his nose will point up,

toward the sun.


The cowboy needs an indian

like the indian needs the land.


It’s like Poltergeist,

it's like Pet Sematary.


At the end of the world, the cowboy whoops and he hollers—

At the end of the world, the indian is remembering the pine-clean scent of his church.




Wonder NDN Visits Earth and Says: Spark Me Up

I’m World Weekly News

                  Eating sexed-up aliens for brunch


Sometimes I talk to myself

                  I use my hands and I whisper and I tell stories


People catch me and I play it real cool                     

                  Knowing I'm the                                

                  Subconscious mirror of                 

                  Tweaking out   


Glassy-eyed reflection of Meth-topia,

                  Oklahoma innards splayed out

                  Gizzards screeching

                  Scratching my frontal lobe


I can't do anything but tell them

                  Hey, it's not developed yet

                  I’m not done in the oven,

                  Don’t be greedy


I self-soothe: Clutching my heart

                  Sitting next to

                  Bulging exit signs


Red under eyes

                  Yellow underwear

                  Black hair

                  White pubes      


Medicine wheels for my Big Ass Truck

                  Rev Rev Rev;

                  I'm going to the UFO Pow-Wow!