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June 7, 2022


Kelsey Fuson

She told me she needed space so I went to NASA & they told me space isn't really a single cohesive thing that you can have or give to someone so I stole a rocket & flew out to the eastern star in Orion's belt (Alnitak) & I tied a rope around it to drag it back to her because I had to start somewhere & Alnitak said why are you hurting me & I said for love & Alnitak said please stop, look at how pretty I am in the sky, look at how Orion loses a third of his belt if I am not there & I looked & Alnitak was right


but love is destruction so I brought it to her anyway & she decided to call it

Allie & carry it on her keychain

& she took me back

                          into her bed & I am so happy now

except for sometimes

             at night

when I cuddle up to my love

and whisper thanks to Allie

and feel Orion staring at me,

pants around his ankles,

bow aimed &                             ready to fire