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July 10, 2021

The endless hyperbole

Lauren Suchenski

July 9, 2021

(Fever) (Alleyway) Template

Beth Gordon

July 8, 2021

"we say poetic shit all the time," said one poet to another

Paxton Grey

July 7, 2021

Nobody knows what a horse looks like.

Kristin Lueke

July 6, 2021

Full Fathom Folderol

Kyla Houbolt

July 5, 2021

Nyctophobia / Nyctophilia

Gretchen Rockwell

July 4, 2021

Moving Your Body Until a Cathedral

Matt Mitchell

July 3, 2021

i would like to say this is the last poem i will ever write about Jesus

Jamie Andersen Fields

July 2, 2021


Andrew McSorley

July 1, 2021

I want to believe

Karah Kemmerly

June 30, 2021

To Mamimi Samejima:

Mandy Wallace

June 29, 2021

You Could Take Care of Me

Cheryl Pappas

June 28, 2021

Five Days Post-LASEK, Bride of Chucky Is on Netflix, and I’m Pissed I Can’t Watch It

Lannie Stabile

June 27, 2021

Matt & Matt &

Barrett Bowlin

June 26, 2021

Why I Scream/Cry/Breakdown/Scare the Neighbors/You/Myself

Brittney Uecker

June 25, 2021


McCaela Prentice

June 24, 2021

sex dream about ted lasso

alexis briscuso

June 23, 2021


Sofia Fey

June 22, 2021

Swamp Thing Frets Over Something He Should’ve Considered Before

Jack B. Bedell

June 21, 2021

5 Levels of Sweet Crunchy Sound

Elisabeth Ingram Wallace

June 20, 2021

Day-Glo Rainbows*

Tom Snarsky

June 19, 2021

My Mother the Horse

Jasmine Sawers

June 18, 2021

Two Poems

Megan J. Arlett

June 17, 2021

Two Poems

Gwen Aube

June 16, 2021

singlehandedly keeping the butter industry alive with my lovesickness

Catie Wiley

June 15, 2021

A Tiny Inventor Lives in My Sock Drawer

Alexander Evans

June 14, 2021

Those Goddamn Figs

Emily Polson

June 13, 2021

How do you like to consume your pornography?

Divya Maniar

June 12, 2021

Two Poems

Ankh Spice

June 11, 2021

I’m Here If You Need To Talk

Jessica Dawn