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September 27, 2022


Kevin Madrigal Galindo

hoe (noun)

1. any of various implements for tilling, mixing, or raking


hoe — as in I tend to my gardens across county lines

which is to say:

I got hoes in different area codes


the weeds have sprung up after a much needed rain,

go fetch the hoe & get to work



hoe (verb)

2. to weed, cultivate, or thin (a crop) with a hoe


hoe — as in let’s hoe these overgrown thistles back

to save the harvest.


if we don’t hoe this bed of soil studded with white roots and green stems

there will be no bed for us tonight



hoe (noun)

3. one who gets around


 hoe — as in their body count is in triple digits?

damn, they must be a hoe


oh they gave it up on the first night?

that’s a hoe fosho




I love to hoe2 when I visit my old stomping grounds.

The quality of hoes1 differs, but as long as you know

how to use a hoe1 you will get the job done.

I spent most of my early twenties hoeing2, 3

around as I was held back before.

I say held back, as if it was someone else

but it was me, the hoe3, ashamed

to let my colors show. I’ve got hoes1, 3

of all shapes, sizes, and colors yet my favorite

is no hoe1, 3 at all. Instead, I prefer to let the natural

landscape take back the earth until the mess it has made

cannot be undone with a single hoe1, 3.