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  1. What was the first job you had?
  2. What was the first job you had that you were paid for in actual money?
  3. Where did you meet your future ex-spouse? 
  4. What is your secret Instagram handle you created to check in on whether your ex is engaged? 
  5. List your top three emojis.
  6. Enter the age at which you once thought you would achieve national recognition in your field. Subtract that number from your current age. If you end up with a negative number, congratulations! You have won. Game over.
  7. Which train station or airport or other travel hub would you rate the likeliest bombing target?
  8. How many mass shootings have you survived?
  9. How many mass shootings are you still surviving?
  10. Have you ever flushed a living pet down the toilet and lied about it?
  11. How many credit cards have you opened due to a bonus or promotion that promised you unlimited travel points?
  12. How many credit cards did you open so you could post travel photos on your Instagram, in case your ex is checking in?
  13. How many times have you been laid off?
  14. Where was the last place you laid down, where you hoped, for a moment, that you would not need to do it all again?