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Poem with Ouija Board Starring NOT SEEN

Who are you? YOURSELF

What is your name? NOT SEEN

Are you a good spirit? YES

When will it snow again? SUMMER

Does it snow in the summer where you are? YES

Is the snow cold? NO

Where are you? FAR AWAY

Is there time where you are? 2 TIMES

What does that mean? CANNOT SAY

Why not? UNSAFE

Are you afraid? NO

Should I be afraid? MAYBE LATER

Are you in Heaven or Hell? HELL

Is Hell cold? YES

Is it winter? NO

What season is it? GOODBYE





Poem with Ouija Board Starring THE FUTURE


Who are you? ONE TO BE FEARED

What is your name? THE FUTURE

Are you a good spirit? YES

Will I be happy in Miami? NO

Should I move back to Michigan? NO

Where should I move? CLOSE

Where is close? AT A CROSSROADS

What season is it where you are? TOO HOT

Is it summer? NO

Is it winter? NO

Is it spring? LEAVE NOW