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Do tiger sharks have teeth?

Do woodpeckers actually eat wood?

How quickly can a penis go from flaccid to fully erect?

Do moray eels have teeth?

How many women do you think the average guy in a committed relationship is flirting with online at any given time?

What kind of car would a guy in high school drive in the ‘80s if the Fast & the Furious was his scene?

Which is most likely to survive an apocalypse, the racoon or the wolverine?

Do people who have live online sex with strangers think they aren’t cheating?

Do Ford Pintos have back seats that fold down? Is that the car that blew up when it got rear-ended?

If you were going to cheat on me, where would you do it?

When did power windows become a thing?

Do you mind if I leave for the weekend to write?

Will you be bored without me?

Will you be lonely?

Do wolves mate for life?