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Leeches, of course, and other bloodlettings. Poultices, fermentations, corpse medicine. Ointments of crocodile dung. Trepanation. The fumigation of one’s head with sulfur and pitch. Elephant bile if python is unavailable. Snails for warts. Hot irons for hemorrhoids. Heroin for coughing children. Urine for the teeth. Dead mouse paste. Bran enemas. Green vitriol calcined in the sun and applied to gangrenous wounds. Mercury. Potassium bromide. Laudanum. Ergot. Arsenic for general use. Mold and other fungi. Implanted testicles, preferably goat. Bee venom. Yellow soup. Tapeworms. Lobotomies. Malariotherapy. A day inside the carcass of a rotting whale. Radium. The forcible collapsing of lungs. Lithotomy for the removal of bladder stones. The sodden flesh of a weasel or cat. The fat of a fox. A warm and bleeding pigeon.