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Natural disaster

God,                        a tornado                                of my own making                             obliterating the life we built

what a sight.                         But this tornado’s not so stupid.                 It studies our habits

tugs on the loose screws                                                                        camouflages as romance.               

       This tornado’s a sponge         cake from Mia’s                    our favorite bakery

we order blackout cake for           birthdays               special occasions

like being alive                     and pies and cheesecake slices

for late nights                       stoned laughing

      Veep, Seinfeld, Phantom Thread 

a romantic comedy 

about patience. I’m so scared 

   of the wind and it’s only 

     been getting 



I’m allowed to be melodramatic I’m trans

There’s nothing your shadow can’t stick to

colanders, guitar strings, smoke, the light resting on the wall

things meant to let life slip through them

all fall under the weight of your absence 

But you could be here if you wanted

We could embrace the cold together

I’m under the blanket on the couch waiting