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shitting with the door open / is the most romantic thing you can do / on a Tuesday morning / or anytime / intimacy is just / chips in good character heritage walls / gotta gib-em with something / that load-bearing love / that city council high-density housing plan love / I’d let you do anything / I’d let you do anything to me / even for non-sexual purposes / like if it would improve your credit rating / or take 30% off our electricity bill / there is so much space sometimes / the sun slips on protection / ready for a hard day’s work / we are so soft in the morning / so soft in the / folding in on each other / KonMari skin shirts / the world’s most comfy laundry basket /  light sage / patchouli / when you’re done / for the mood / we’re out of spray / I want to describe you / I want to describe you better / than I’m describing you now / suit pants strangling ankles / teabags cooling on eyelids / Alexa morning news report / can’t remember a time / I wanted to wake up without / your fist in my mouth / jasmine-soaked lashes / everything else is expected / lunches are made / town halls are held / bus routes refuse to bend / close the door when you’re finished